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    Welcome to Zhongxin website.
    Focused and professionalfor over 20 years
    Code for Construction of Building Anticorrosion
    Engineering GB50212-2014 Participating Units


    A technology-based enterprise driven by continuous innovation

    About Zhongxin

    A technology-based enterprise driven by continuous innovation
    HeBei Zhongxin Anticorrosive Engineering Corporation Limited
    Hebei zhongxin anti-corrosion is a company engaged in the research, development, design, application and promotion of new technologies for metal surface protection, wear-resistant construction and engineering coating. It is mainly engaged in industrial water pool anti-corrosion, chimney inner wall anti-corrosion, flue inner wall anti-corrosion, desulfurization tower anti-corrosion, glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-corrosion, Cesspit anti-...Details
    • 1996

      Establishment time

    • 3018

      Registered capital

    • 97

      Permanent employees


    A technology-based enterprise driven by continuous innovation


    A technology-based enterprise driven by continuous innovation


    A technology-based enterprise driven by continuous innovation
    Brand and reputationOver 20 years of brand patents

    Founded in 1996, it has good technical quality and profound management accumulation, and has inherited many years of advanced experience in anti-corrosion, wear-resistant and metal Thermal spraying industry at home and abroad

    design and development10+proprietary technologies

    Having the national anti-corrosion construction qualification and being a participating unit in the national standard "Construction Specification for Building Anticorrosion Engineering"

    Production and Quality10+years of service life

    Our company adheres to continuous innovation as the driving force and market orientation to promote the comprehensive work of the enterprise; Adhere to the development policy of putting people first and focusing on quality and safety, continuously research and develop new products to meet new market demands

    Service and Guarantee<12 hours of after-sales response

    The vice president unit of Hebei Province Anti corrosion and Insulation Industry Association, with a registered capital of 30.18 million yuan, 97 fixed employees, and 24 middle and senior engineering and technical personnel.

  • 質(zhì)量體系認證證書(shū)(中文)
  • 質(zhì)量體系認證證書(shū)(英文)
  • 環(huán)境管理體系認證證書(shū)(中文)
  • 環(huán)境管理體系認證證書(shū)(英文)
  • 職業(yè)健康安全管理體系認證證書(shū)(中文)
  • 職業(yè)健康安全管理體系認證證書(shū)(英文)
  • NEWS

    A professional industrial water tank anti-corrosion treatment company. If you would like to know the engineering construction quotation, please contact us for the price
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